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Communication | Get your message across

BestPractice Nordic ensures a clinically relevant editorial context for your message across many channels: web, newsletters, magazine, podcast, video and e-learning courses.

BestPractice Nordic’s DNA is peer to peer dissemination of knowledge and best practice for doctors, nurses and other health professionals from our platform with multiple channels. Peer to peer content ensures high credibility and clinical professional relevance for users. On our digital channels, your message is exposed to exactly the target group that is relevant to your message.

Each specialty has its own thesis-oriented subpage. BestPractice Nordic’s digital platform has a total of more than 30,000 users, who are updated on new data, knowledge, and best practice within their field. All content is behind login and can only be accessed by doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. The site has many monthly visitors, and a banner ad on BestPractice Nordic website therefore provides a great opportunity to present products or messages in a context of relevant professional context. As an advertiser, you can buy online banner on exactly the specialty that is relevant to your message.

What you get with BestPractice Nordic:

  • Access to a relevant target group on several channels – but only one point of contact
  • Advertising in a relevant and editorial context
  • Proof of Performance, thorough reporting, and evaluation

Cross-channel campaigns: How to do it right

Today, customers are connected all the time. They have access to brands around the clock – on all devices and on several channels. They receive offers on email and see ads on social media as well as on the mobile, just to name a few options. So, you need to reach people with relevant content at just the right time and place, no matter where your customers are. It is this kind of coordination that requires you to juggle content management, set up campaigns, emails, tracking, SEM, marketing automation systems and more all at the same time. It can be a challenge! At BestPractice Nordic, we have a solution that helps you juggle – without dropping the ball.

We have made it easy for you to reach your target group across channels. Just choose the package that matches your needs and budget:

DIGITAL BASIS: Digital awareness in your target group for the rest of 2021.

DIGTITAL UPGRADE: Digital knowledge in your target group for the rest of 2021

DIGITAL AND PRINT COMMITMENT: Be present in your target group the rest of 2021 digital and print

If you want to hear more about the packages, you are most welcome to contact:

Charlotte Knudtzen by email: or phone +45 6139 4747 or

Ina Bøgkjær by email: or phone +45 6130 5072

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